SAMCo strives to achieve legislative victories which will present the San Antonio region with enhanced transportation funding options. State and Federal Legislative Agendas and results from previous legislative sessions are provided below.

2019 Federal Legislative Agenda

2019 State Legislative Agenda

2017 Legislative Session

  • Successfully advocated for continued funding of Propositions 1 and 7 and continuation of policy of no diversions of the State Highway Fund dollars.

2015 Legislative Session

  • Passage of proposed Constitutional Amendment (SJR5) dedicating $2.5 billion for non-toll highway improvements  from the State’s general fund starting in 2018. Also dedicating future growth in vehicle sales taxes starting in 2020. Approved by voters November 3, 2015.
  • Enactment of a biennial budget (2016-2017) ending diversions from the State Highway Fund to non-transportation programs.

2013 Legislative Session

  • Passage of proposed Constitutional Amendment (SJR1) to dedicate portion of oil and gas severance taxes to non-toll highway projects. Potential to generate $1.2 B in new revenue for TxDOT. Approved by voters statewide in November 2014.
  • Loop 1604 included in list of legislatively authorized CDA projects. (SB 1730)
  • Legislative authorization of $10.00 optional vehicle registration fee for Bexar County, with potential to generate more than $12 million annually for road and bridge projects. (HB 1573)
  • Establishment of a TXDOT grant program and use of tax increment funding for road improvements in energy production regions of the state. $450 million included in state budget for those road improvements. (SB 1742)

2011 Legislative Session

  • Authorization of $3 billion of Propostion 12 Bonds backed by state’s general revenue. San Antonio region to receive $178 million. (HB 1)
  • Authorization of $50 million to capitalize the Texas Rail Relocation & Improvement Fund. (HB 1)
  • Expanded authority for municipalities and counties to establish transportation reinvestment zones. (HB 563)
  • Authority for an Advanced Transportation District (ADT) to bond sales tax. (HB 2396)
  • Authority for Lone Star Rail District to establish tax increment zones to finance commuter rail projects. (HB 3030)
  • Clarification of authority and powers of RMAs, including bonding authority (HB 1112)
  • Authorization for TxDOT to enter into agreements with state or federal agencies to expedite environmental review processes. (SB 548)
  • Authorization for TxDOT, RMAs, and counties to provide funds to a state or federal agency to expedite environmental review processes. (HB 630)
  • TxDOT Sunset Bill, including expanded authority for public-private partnerships. (HB 1420)

2009 Legislative Session and Special Session

  • Authorization of $2 billion in Proposition 12 Bonds backed by the state’s general revenue.
  • $200 million to captialize Texas Rail Relocation & Improvement Fund. Note: Not implemented due to disagreement over whether funding thresholds met.
  • Legislative diversions of motor fuels tax redued from $1.591 million to $1.151 million (27 percent reduction).
  • Authorization of revolving loan fund through the Texas Infrastructure Bank.
  • Local option bill passes Senate 24-7 but fails to gain sufficient traction to reach House floor. Efforts to add to conference committee report on budget also fail.

2007 Legislative Session

  • Alamo RMA receives authority to pursue traditional, public sector toll projects. Two year moratorium on CDAs does not apply.
  • Also Segments 5 and 6 of SH 130 to Seguin not impacted by CDA moratorium as contract was signed in April 20007.

2005 Legislative Session

  • Authorization of $4 billion in Texas Mobility Fund bonds, including action by Texas Bond Review Board.
  • Passage of legislation to clarify that ATD revenue may be used to bond and pay the interest through a local government corporation.
  • Increase in toll equity cap and various enhancements in HB 3588 funding tools.
  • Passage of rail relocation enabling legislation.