Proposition 1

Thank you all for your support of Proposition 1, which was approved by Texas voters by a 4 to 1 margin. Prop 1 will authorize annual disbursements from the State’s oil and gas production tax collections to the State Highway Fund. An estimated $1.7 billion will be transferred into the State Highway Fund in the first year alone, as a first step in addressing a projected $5 billion annual funding shortfall for TxDOT.

SAMCo Video on San Antonio’s regional congestion and transportation funding challenges 

CASE, ASCO Equipment and the Dire States team joined forces with Texas Good Roads to tour the state and raise awareness to Proposition 1 – a ballot initiative in Texas that will direct approximately $1.7 Billion annually into road and bridge highway improvements. North America: Dire States – Texas and Proposition 1 video


This November, Texans have the opportunity to put billions of dollars into our transportation networks with no new taxes, no new tolls and no new debt. Proposition 1 is the first step in addressing Texas’ transportation funding challenges.  Move Texas Forward Prop 1 video


Texas is growing. Here are some things you need to know. Transportation investment has not kept pace with demand. Texas is $5 billion short for roads. Annually. Proposition 1 Provides a Critical First Step in Addressing Texas’ Transportation Needs.
The Time is NOW for Proposition 1
HJR 1, HB 1 (Pickett) and SJR 1 (Nichols) provide an opportunity to take a significant step toward meeting the state’s transportation investment needs. Addressing growth, mobility, connectivity and state highway system preservation are vital to sustaining the Texas economy and the quality of life for Texans. Taking incremental steps toward a solution is a realistic approach and HJR 1 is an opportunity to make real progress. It is also an important step back toward the traditional pay-as-you-go funding system.
Show your organization’s support for Proposition 1 through the Resolution of Support.