The following are links to various source documents on transportation funding and related issues that may be helpful:

Federal Update from TxDOT November 2019

I-35 Presentation from Oct 30, 2019 TxDOT workshop

Texas Clear Lanes update from Oct 30, 2019 TxDOT workshop


Lawmakers Extend Efforts to Address Highway Funding Gap


Make Prop 1 Permanent Support SB 962 One pager

Transportation Funding Sources – TxDOT

2_23 ConnectSA PDF FINAL




 Legislative Briefing Series Documents

Legislative Briefing Series


 SAMCo Informational Page


SAMCo Executive Committee 10 15 18

SAMCo Executive Committee 10 15 18_Page_01

Trump Infrastructure Plan

Trump Infrastructure Plan_Page_01

365 Days Memo Sep 2017

365 Days Memo Sep 2017_Page_01

Transportation Funding & Budget Structure – House Appropriations S/C on Articles VI, VII & VIII

011817 Transportation Funding and Budget Structure_Page_01

Gas Tax Facts Gas Tax Facts – Cool, colorful graphics on the gasoline tax – just about everything you would want to know!



FINAL – Working Funding Plan 062916 v21

The June 29, 2016 Texas Transportation Commission workshop presentation focuses on a series of recommendations on how new revenue from Proposition 1, Proposition 7, the FAST Act, ending diversions, and other new sources of revenue will be distributed over the next ten years.  The recommendations will be the subject of public involvement hearings in July and August, followed by Commission adoption in August.  The recommendations represent the culmination of several years of effort to generate additional sources of revenue for the State Highway Fund.



Finance Options Used in Other States to Fund Transportation Infrastructure – May 25, 2016 Testimony of TTI’s David Ellis to Texas House Transportation Subcommittee on Long-term Infrastructure Planning


Presentation by Mario Jorge, SA TxDOT District Engineer to Bexar County Delegation Roundtable with James Bass, TxDOT Executive Director – Major projects Tabloid_5-6-2016

SAT_Major projects Tabloid_5-6-2016_Page_1


Fiscal Notes article_Page_01

Prop 7 Resolution of Support Template


mail ONE_Page_2mail ONE_Page_1





LSRD Presentation - SAMCo Executive Committee_Page_01









84th Legislative Summary on issues which impacted TxDOT”” 












Other information on can be found on SLA home page at (includes an educational section and FAQ on Prop 7).



TxDOT S.A. District Engineer, Mario Jorge Presentation to SAMCo Board on Aug 11, 2015 “MPO Board One to One July_August 2015”  

AAMPO Mobility Project Discussion by TxDOT S.A. Dist Engineer Mario Jorge







SAMCo Video on San Antonio’s regional congestion and transportation funding challenges 



I-10_Managed Lanes_Project Stakeholder Meeting Presentation_Final_03-31-2015 

Final Submitted Written Testimony Senate Select Committee June 24 2014 

Gas Tax Facts – Cool, colorful graphics on the gasoline tax – just about everything you would want to know!  


The Cost of Doing Nothing – An Informational Reference (June 2012-Texas Infrastructure Now) An 88-page comprehensive guide to transportation funding in Texas

The Cost of Doing Nothing – Executive Summary (June 2012-Texas Infrastructure Now) A 4-page summary of the above report.

TxDOT – Legislative Appropriations Report 2014 and 2015 – (August 30, 2012)

The Texas Transportation Crisis In A Nutshell

“TxDOT Major Corridors” – Presented to AAMPO Board June, 2014

“TxDOT San Antonio Projects and Funding Update” – Presented to North SA Chamber on March 12, 2014